Welcome to Ben-Cotton.com. This is my personal website and blog.

I'm a Senior Marketing Manager at HubSpot based out of Dublin, Ireland. Working at the intersection of marketing and sales I use content, data and technology to enable our rapidly growing sales team to crush its goals. It's challenging, rewarding and lots of fun.

I’m an experienced data-driven marketer that helps software as a service (SaaS) businesses increase website traffic, generate leads and drive sales. I have a proven track record of leading successful marketing programs that create predictable recurring revenue. I bring a hunger to succeed, an entrepreneurial spirit, love of developing teams and desire to get stuff done. Everyday.

Throughout my career I've been privileged to work with a number of industry leading and well-loved brands including HubSpot, Indeed, Edelman, Microsoft and PUMA. From these experiences I have developed a passion for using inbound marketing and selling to help organisations grow.

I regularly write and speak on the topics of sales and marketing alignment, inbound marketing and sales enablement, and have recently spoken at events in Amsterdam, Dublin, Helsinki, London and Oslo. You can find out more about my areas of expertise on this website.

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I'm always keen to connect with and learn from smart people.


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