Welcome to Ben-Cotton.com.
This is my personal website and blog.

I'm privileged to lead EMEA sales enablement for HubSpot out of Dublin, Ireland
where I partner with over 100 sales professionals to help them succeed. 

My work is focussed on the intersection between marketing and sales, where I use content, data, training and technology to build strategies that enable our rapidly growing sales team to crush its goals. At any given time I can be an advisor, coach or advocate. 
It's an ever evolving and challenging role, but rewarding and lots of fun.

Throughout my career I've helped businesses to grow by increasing website traffic, generating leads and driving sales. 
Today, I have a proven track record within the software as a service (SaaS) industry of leading and scaling programmes
that create predictable recurring revenue.

If you'd like to know more or discuss how we can work together, please get in touch

I'm always keen to connect with and learn from smart people.



Inbound Marketing

Startup Advisor

SaaS Marketing

Sales Enablement



I'm fortunate to have worked with a number of innovative organisations including HubSpot, Indeed, Edelman, Microsoft and PUMA.

It's been quite a journey and I've learnt how to leverage inbound marketing and selling to help organisations grow. On a personal level I bring a hunger to succeed and an entrepreneurial spirit, as well as a love of developing teams and desire to get stuff done. Everyday. 

I regularly write and speak on the topics of sales and marketing alignment, inbound marketing and sales enablement, and have recently spoken at events in Amsterdam, Dublin, Helsinki, London and Oslo, as well as numerous online events for HubSpot, Selling Power, Sales Hacker, InsideSales.com, Sales for Life and the Sales Management Association.

You can find out more about my areas of expertise on this website.


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